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Wil Nagel is currently Privacy Counsel for Krasnow Saunders Kaplan & Beninati, LLP in Chicago, Illinois. Before entering private practice, Mr. Nagel served as an attorney with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Prior to developing JusticePrivacy.com, Wil Nagel served as a policy analyst with the Illinois Integrated Justice Information System (IIJIS) where he focused on the development of privacy policy recommendations for state and local criminal justice agencies. As an analyst, he assisted in the development of every product developed by the project from its initial Strategic Plan and the Scenario for Information Sharing in Illinois to research reports documenting the types of information most commonly exchanged among justice agencies. His works include the founding and facilitating of the Privacy Policy Subcommittee and his guidance in the development of the Privacy Policy Guidance series of publications.

During his 5 years on the IIJIS initiative, Mr. Nagel identified, researched, and proposed resolutions to the privacy issues created by the state?s efforts to electronically link Illinois law enforcement and justice agency information systems. He has also provided assistance to the Illinois State Police (?ISP?) Privacy Office in its development of privacy policies for the I-CLEAR system and has an exceptional working knowledge of ISP data sharing efforts.

Mr. Nagel also assisted the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global), a federal advisory committee to the U.S. Attorney General, with the creation of the Privacy Policy Development Guide and Implementation Templates. The Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group (GPIQWG) used the experience of Illinois?s Privacy Policy Subcommittee and associated materials to inform its discussions and recommendations.

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In early 2008, Mr. Nagel assisted the Illinois State Police by preparing privacy guidance for the analysis and sharing of electronic police incident report data. That report set forth in a clear and concise manner recommended policy provisions regarding the appropriate sharing of the types of information frequently included in police incident reports.

Also in 2008, Mr. Nagel assisted the State, Regional, and Federal Enterprise Retrieval System (SRFERS) and the Nlets Interstate Sharing of Photos (NISP) Project in their development of a privacy guidance report for the electronic sharing of corrections of inmates. In 2009, he assisted the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in its development of a Privacy Impact Assessment for the utilization of license plate readers.

Mr. Nagel also served as a consultant for NLETS in two continuing initiatives: (i) the development of a privacy impact assessment report and proposed policy recommendations for the utilization of facial recognition technologies to identify subjects in the field and (ii) the development of a privacy policy and memorandum of understanding governing agencies' participation in a multi-jurisdictional License Plate Reader ("LPR") data sharing project.

Learn more about Mr. Nagel from his LinkedIn profile at: www.linkedin.com/in/wilnagel

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