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Interactive privacy policy guidance

Privacy Policy Guidance for Illinois Integrated Justice Information Systems, Volume 1 begins with a brief overview of the privacy interests implicated by the enhanced collection, analysis, and sharing of information made possible by integrated justice information systems. The report then introduces the types of personally identifying information collected about actors in the criminal justice system. For each class of actor, the report describes the types of information sharing that are mandated, prohibited, and permitted by existing federal and state requirements. Volume 1 also identifies issues that agencies should address before developing or participating in an integrated justice information system; the pros and cons of each issue are addressed followed by the subcommittee's recommendations regarding how that information should be treated.

One goal of JusticePrivacy.com is to take Privacy Policy Guidance, Volume 1 and make it interactive.

The first volume in the Privacy Policy Guidance series is a significant step toward understanding the body of law surrounding the sharing of information by the Illinois criminal justice system. One significant drawback of the report is that it does not help the justice practitioner quickly determine the relevant rules regarding a certain type of personally identifiable information in his possession. Nor does it permit the practitioner to readily point to a statutory or regulatory provision that permits him access to a key piece of information.

The goal of this section of the JusticePrivacy.com website is to take Illinois's Privacy Policy Guidance, Volume 1 and make it interactive. I am currently developing a database of the statutory and regulatory provisions so that a user will be able to input his position (e.g., police official, probation officer, prosecutor, etc.,) and readily identify the access, use, and dissemination rules concerning any given type of personally identifiable information.

Please check back for an update on my progress toward this endeavor.